About Cathy

It wasn’t until I was in my 50’s before I began my adventure into the beauty industry. My kids were grown and gone. I asked myself “What do you want to do Cathy, when you grow up?” 2003, I entered esthetician school at Paris Beauty College in Corcord, CA. I was scared. Who was going to pay me to give them facials, waxing, etc.. when I never took care of my own self up until then? I rented a room at Sunny Daze Tanning Salon in Lodi, CA. I decided to run an ad for a 6 month special for an exciting price and had 39 new clients within my first month in business. Wow!

2006, I added Esthetician Instructor to my resume while still renting my facial room. Again, I was surprised. I had no idea I would be a good instructor. In the years I was an instructor I had a 100% pass rate for my students. 2009, I got my manicure and cosmetology licenses. The owner sold Sunny Daze and I moved on.

The school I taught at closed its doors in 2013. So, I semi-retired up until 2016. I was 66 yrs old. A friend and I decided to start our own beauty college: Inspire Academy of Barbering and Cosmetology, Inc. In Stockton CA. Sold the school in 2019 due to my health issues. I went from 240 lbs down to 177 lbs making no changes in my diet. I went to doctor because I was feeling ‘funny’. My blood pressure in 1 arm was 82/60 the other arm 80/60! And I was still alive. My body was shutting down from the stress. Dr took me off blood pressure and thyroid medications. Ugh! I gained all the weight back.

Christmas Day 2020, my husband was taken by ambulance to Lodi Memorial for Covid and was ventilated. When he was taken off the ventilator they discovered he had 6 strokes while he was ventilated. They didn’t expect my husband to survive, but my daughter and I fought to put him in rehab instead of hospice. He survived and came home Feb 16, 2021. He is so much better now. I care for him 24/7 due to his vision impairment and impulse control issues. But, I need something I love to do – facials.

I did my research and found an awesome FDA approved human stem cell factor skincare line and got my State Board Personal Service Permit to be able to do facials, manicures and pedicures anywhere.

I am going to do skincare services from my home in Rio Vista. Will you help me be happy again doing facials, manicures and pedicures?

Cathy Jacobs