Quickie Treatment Choices

Pick your choice for a quick 15-minute treatment to maintain your glow.  Please arrive with a clean face for  product penetration.  SPF applied before you leave.  Come in, rest your eyes and leave with glowing skin.

4 color LED, 2 strobing choices (light energy)

Harness the power of this device with a multifunction spectrum to rejuvenate your skin.

Red – Anti-wrinkle and firming – 650 nm range penetrates the top layer of your skin, the epidermis. Red light stimulates your fibroblasts, the cells responsible for making collagen. Collagen gives your skin structure and fills out lines and wrinkles. Light in this spectrum can also help heal scar tissue and raise your levels of elastin, the compound that makes your skin snap back into position when you’re pinched or rubbed. More elastin and collagen means firmer, younger looking skin.

Yellow – Cleansing and circulation – 550 – 580nm range stimulates lymphocyte production, which are white blood cells that fight toxins in your body.  Yellow light also promotes lymphatic draining, which will lessen inflammation and encourage blood circulation. More blood flow will improve the color and life of your skin, giving you the glow that signifies health. The reduced lymph fluid will also help neutralize skin discoloration from conditions like rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema.

Blue – Acne control and anti-bacterial – 450-480nm range calms your sebaceous glands, the ducts responsible for creating sebum, the oil in your skin and hair.  Sebum is necessary for skin health, but too much can clog your pores, leading to acne. Blue light is safer than harsh anti-acne soaps, because it won’t strip away your sebum completely, but rather ration the amount.

Pink – Hyperpigmentation, sun spots, and toning – Pink light combines the powers of white light and red light. White light is used to calm overactive melanin production, going deeper than the other colors on the spectrum and acting on the melanocytes deep below your dermis. When melanocytes are agitated from excessive sun or harsh environmental conditions, you can get sun spots and other skin discolorations. Combined with red light to further promote collagen and elastin production, pink light is the choice for tightening, brightening, and rejuvenating mature and tired skin.

Pink Strobing Mode- For standard and combination skin types – The strobing effect helps get your product more than skin deep. Along with the healing and anti-aging benefits of pink light, the strobing will gently coax your pores open to allow your favorite creams and serums to penetrate farther past your epidermis for deep hydration and effectiveness.

Multicolor Strobing Mode – For mature and damaged skin types – Incorporating the strobe effect with red and blue light for maximum rejuvenation, get your serum or lotion down deep into your pores where it can do its best work. Feeling hydrated and fresh, you’ll begin to see the benefits almost immediately.